Logic Pro X for Windows

 Logic Pro X for Windows

You may be embarking on a new musical journey or looking to upgrade your existing DAW to an industry standard like Pro Tools, much like when Macs became the tool of choice for designers, in recent years Logic Pro has become the same for Studios, producers, Podcasters, musicians. So if you are here, it's very likely that you have one of these questions on your mind.
  1. Is there a Logic Pro X for Windows?
  2. Can I install Logic Pro X on a Windows PC
  3. I don't have a Mac, but I want to use Logic Pro X
  4. Is there an alternative to Logic Pro X for Windows
I too asked the same questions, so I thought why not save everyone some time by sharing my answers to these questions that I found when searching.

The Apple device realm is a very tempting one, lets face it they look really really cool, so when choosing a platform to create on it's hardly surprising that many people choose them. Once part of the ecosystem, the devices have been designed to work together seamlessly, so it's another compelling reason to go the Apple route. Add to that the brilliantly user friendly software and it's pretty much a done deal. Or is it?

If money is an issue, as it is for many of use in these difficult time, it's harder these days to rationalize expensive purchases like new devices, and in the case of an Apple device the cost is significant. With the branding adding zeros to the prices, built in obsolescence and the inability to upgrade. Either purchasing new hardware to facilitate access to newer versions of software or moving platforms to to access software not available on your existing platform starts looking a lot less enticing.

All of this brought me to ask the questions.

Is there a Logic Pro for Windows?

Short answer, no. At this time Logic Pro X is only available for Macs and you will likely need a newer Mac to run the most recent version.

Can I Install Logic Pro X for Windows?

Not directly, but you could install Mac OSX on a virtual machine running in Windows, then install Logic Pro X in Windows after that. Not recommended at all, but it might give you an idea whether it's worth while buying a Mac in the first place.

I don't have a Mac, but I want to use Logic Pro X

In this case you can't unless you go the virtual machine route, however if you happen to have an iPhone or iPad instead, you could install the iOS version of GarageBand and use it for tracking. The projects it creates can be exported to Logic Pro X.

Is there an alternative to Logic Pro X for Windows

Yes, Many, I will be investigation these in a later post.

Hopefully, these answers this will help you decide on your own solution for Logic Pro X for Windows. It's not an easy choice. Personally, I went the Windows route even though I'd owned a Mac and other Apple devices, but of course it's a different choice for everyone.